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This is a web site for those who want to read more detail about the Dead Kennedys v. Jello Biafra court case. Please be aware that this was an unpleasant episode in Dead Kennedys' history and that the band would like to put it behind them. For information on the band, please go to

Quick Links:
07/14/04: All Legal Action Is Over!
06/20/03: Excerpts From The Appellate Decision
06/19/03: DKs Completely Vindicated In Appeal
06/19/03: Biafra Loses Bid To Deny Royalties To Former Mates
04/09/03: DKs Facts Sheet

Dead Kennedys v. Alternative Tentacles Records Appellate Brief - Text of a California Court of Appeals document

Dead Kennedys Defrauded by Jello Biafra

Dead Kennedys were underpaid royalties by Alternative Tentacles Records. Though some find it hard to believe, when Jello Biafra was told of this underpayment, he said, "do not tell the band," the start of the fraud. Later, after a whistle-blower at the label informed the band that royalties were owed them, Biafra refused to compensate the band without a court order, thus causing the lawsuit.

Biafra made a mistake and did something wrong and was caught. He intentionally covered up royalties owed to Dead Kennedys and deliberately misled East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro. He unfortunately fell victim to a conflict of interest and used the income to promote his solo career and label.

It was proven to be true that "Alternative Tentacles Records engaged in fraudulent conduct" and that Jello Biafra "breached his contractual and fiduciary obligations to plaintiff [Dead Kennedys]." It was also shown "by clear and convincing evidence" that Biafra and Alternative Tentacles were "guilty of malice, oppression and fraud" in committing these acts. Malice was defined as "conduct which is intended to cause injury or despicable conduct which is carried with a willful and conscious disregard for the rights of others."

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