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Biafra Loses Bid To Deny Royalties

URGH, A Music War

Examiner Rectifies Error

DKs Win Back Rights

DKs Plan New Releases Following Judgment

Jury Sides With DKs

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DKs Claim Suit Unavoidable

3/30/06 -

Re: Jello Biafra comments on upcoming "Fab Mab Class Reunion"

by sfbarker on Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 10:14 AM (EST)

Am I the only person who has actually followed this? I've interviewed Jello and seen his spoken word show...even donated $10 to the legal fund...I've interviewed the other guys in the band and saw their show with Brandon Cruz. From those moments, I got the feeling Jello had a lot more to hide than the other guys.

For one, after MANY court battles, time and time again, the judges found for the band over Jello. He ripped them off for years on yalties, etc. Jello had no worries and these dudes were scrapping by because of a "book-keeping error"...I guess when you "fight the corporate giant" like Jello does, you learn a few of their tricks.

Jello destroyed the Dead Kennedys name by ripping off his bandmates. Also, there is absolutely NO PROOF that the Levi's deal was ever real. Klaus Flouride was pretty adamant it never took was just a rumor Jello ran with after Viva Las Vegas got used in Fear and Loathing. That was where Jello really got mad, because he actually had to share something with the rest of the band.

The actual truth was, there may have been a book keeping error at one point, but by the time the lawsuit came, he was plenty aware of it and was hiding it from the rest of the band. He ripped them off, he got greedy...he's no more human that the rest of us...or his old bandmates. Through Alternative Tentacles, he has a ton of Punk Cred, so he can spout off what he wants and people take it as the truth. He ripped off his brothers in music making, he allowed them to scrape by for years while HE made all the money. Considering he started the label with East Bay Ray, it's sad he ended up using it to steal from him.

And no, I'm not a friend of anyone involved or anything like that...I just think that after this much litigation and auditing, there is no way to make an error...Jello stole, he got caught, he lost his right to steal more and now he's a bitter little bitch about it...what more needs to be learned here?

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