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All Legal Action is Over!

It's Getting Crazier
and Crazier Folks!

Update on the Lawsuits Against Dead Kennedys

Excerpts From The Appellate Decision

DKs Completely Vindicated In Appeal

Statement of Facts

DKs Respond to Lawsuit

DKs v ATR Appeal

DKs Puzzled By Biafra's Latest Legal Maneuver

DKs Plan New Releases

DKs Sue Jello Biafra

DKs Sever Ties with ATR


Dead Kennedys Puzzled By Biafra's Latest Legal Maneuver

No one has been served with an actual complaint yet. If the news stories are to be believed, Klaus Flouride, D.H. Peligro, East Bay Ray and Brandon Cruz, who is singing with Dead Kennedys now, are saddened that Biafra, perhaps misled by his team of attorneys, has fallen victim to making baseless and imaginary legal charges. Dead Kennedys are neither recording at this time nor is there a "Biafra impostor."

Klaus, D.H. and Ray, as well as Brandon, are concerned about Biafra's behavior and denial. Brandon Cruz has a substantial independent career as the singer of the Oxnard punk band, Dr. Know. He is the real thing; he is his own man. Brandon's name has been billed for the shows, announced in press releases and on since the very first Dead Kennedys' shows last October. The shows have been met with ecstatic responses, even convincing the skeptics, as witnessed on Perhaps this is an attempt by Biafra to draw attention back onto himself and away from the successful Dead Kennedys tour.

Biafra was found in San Francisco Superior Court to have defrauded, with malice, his fellow Dead Kennedys members out of royalties owed. Not happy with the truth being uncovered in one court, Biafra thinks he can try another court. Maybe Biafra could spend less money on lawyers and instead make things right with the band.


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last updated 07/14/04