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All Legal Action is Over!

It's Getting Crazier
and Crazier Folks!

Update on the Lawsuits Against Dead Kennedys

Excerpts From The Appellate Decision

DKs Completely Vindicated In Appeal

Statement of Facts

DKs Respond to Lawsuit

DKs v ATR Appeal

DKs Puzzled By Biafra's Latest Legal Maneuver

DKs Plan New Releases

DKs Sue Jello Biafra

DKs Sever Ties with ATR


It's getting crazier and crazier folks!

File under: If he can’t control the train he’s gonna lie down on the tracks and tell people it’s the train’s fault.

In an astonishing and nutty new move, more subpoenas have been sent and new requests for depositions have been made on East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro. By who, you might ask? Why, it’s the owner of their former record label, Jello Biafra, that’s who! Could this be the same person who pontificates as to why Dead Kennedys are suing him when it’s really the other way around? Is this the same guy who claims he is not being paid by Decay Music but just cashed his most recent royalty check in March 2004? Is this the same guy who is actually asking the same judge who ruled he knowingly committed fraud to rule on breaking up the Decay Music partnership or exclude him from the partnership altogether? Yes folks, it’s the very same person.

Though Ray, Klaus and Peligro have been strongly opposed to the dissolution of the partnership since it first came up in March 2000 (the band's adventures have included a jury trial AND an appeal, which the band both won ) Biafra is still pursuing his motion to dissolve the partnership or have himself thrown out of the partnership. We are not quite sure of the logic here folks. Maybe since he knows he can't win, he figures he has to lose spectacularly. Is that what they call a martyr complex? His attorneys certainly must be enjoying all the new billable hours; where’s all the money he’s paying them come from?

While it may be difficult to understand his reasoning here, the bottom line is this: by bringing yet another lawsuit (his 5th!) and thus forcing the other members of Decay Music to be deposed, he is asking the judge to do one thing. If she finds for dissolution, the law would then require her to “kick out” the lone member of the partnership who fraudulently withheld royalties from Dead Kennedys from 1989 to 1998. That’s it. Plain and simple. So why would Biafra be asking to do this, you ask? What is his point? What’s the motivation? All we can think of is that because he didn’t get picked for the team, he’s hoping to punch a hole in the ball so no one can play.

Strange behavior indeed. Stay tuned!


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last updated 07/14/04